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Community Garden

Our Vision
We are so excited to now offer a Community Garden, right here at Neighbor Boy Farm. Our vision is to help foster the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle by allowing you, our neighbors, to grow your own chemical-free food in a supportive community centered environment. 

The Garden

The community garden will be divided into plots using garden boxes in a variety of sizes including 2x2, 4x4, 4x6, and 4x8.  We have the room to accommodate approximately 50-100 members, depending upon what size and how many garden box plots are purchased by each member. Plots will be provided first come, first serve. And if they fill for the year, a waiting list will be maintained. Members can grow vegetables, fruits or flowers. All members will be required to grow using organic, chemical free methods to maintain the chemical free environment for all members and our farm. For that reason, no outside soil may be brought in, and the use of non-organic chemicals and fertilizers are not allowed. 

The Community
In addition to the garden itself, you'll have access to our private Community Garden Members Only group where you can ask questions, connect and trade with other Community Garden members and us. Just imagine the possibilities! Maybe you have an abundance of tomatoes but need cucumbers... ask in the group and connect with other Community Members to trade or even plant for one another. Create friendships and cultivate community with other like-minded people. Our vision is that our Community Garden members will not only enjoy growing and gardening, but will also create friendships and connections with like-minded people and families. 

Who can join? 
Families/partners, individuals, homeschools. Our farm is a safe space for all. We are inclusive and intentionally embracing of diversity, We welcome members of all abilities, races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. We will work with you if you need your garden plot to be accessible due to mobility or disability (please note that there are a limited number of spaces available that would be more easily accessible). 

Perks of joining the Neighbor Boy Farm Community Garden:
1. Grow your own food in a chemical free Community Garden, using organic principals and methods.
2. Choose the size of your garden plot. Garden plots are available in combinations of 2x2, 4x4, 4x6, and 4x8 garden boxes.
3. Access to tools, water and hoses is all included.
4. Education, support, and guidance on growing, planting, and organic gardening is included. 
5. Full gardening mentorship opportunities are available, where we will work side by side to help you learn and grow your garden all season.
6. Rich organic soil that has been cultivated to promote growing.
7. The ability to purchase extra assistance with your garden, such as help with watering, weeding, harvesting, Etc, all season or during vacations.
8. A welcoming space where you can teach your children to garden, have picnics, play in the play areas, purchase snacks, relax and enjoy, 
9. The opportunity to join and help cultivate a community-centered environment with other community members. 

Pricing and Membership Process
It's SO Easy!
1. Visit the farm during regular hours or set up an appointment to visit and talk with Dave about your garden boxes and what you'd like to grow this year. He can help direct you towards the best size box (or boxes) and answer any other questions you may have about purchasing soil, seeds, seedlings, and more! 
2. Select the size garden box or boxes you'd like to purchase. The initial cost to purchase your garden box is $28-148, depending upon size. Once purchased, this box is yours to use or reuse at the Neighbor Boy community garden or to move to your own property. 
3. Sign the paperwork to start your plot rental. Monthly rental will be $18-48/per month depending upon the size of the garden box/es selected.
4. Join the private group and get started!
5. Enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, learn about produce gardening, make friends!

Have Questions?
Reach out to Dave at 919-422-0216 (cell)
Visit the Farm at 1008 Davis Dr Apex, NC 27523